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A questionnaire to help you understand your personality better.

With our Affinity Questionnaire, discover your personality traits, which determine your compatibility with other singles.
Answer questions which explore your values, your personality and your vision of life and relationships.
We will use your answers to select, from the thousands of registered profiles, the singles who are the most compatible with you.

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We help you get to know yourself better.

Using the answers you give to the Affinity Questionnaire, we will send you a complete, free analysis of your personality.
This personalised report includes:
 Your value system.
 Your vision of life, relationships, families, sexuality, education, work and money.
 The traits which define your character and your behaviour.

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Find singles who are genuinely ideal for you

Once you have filled in the questionnaire, we will select, from the thousands of singles registered on, the singles who are compatible with your profile and your ideals for your partner.

For each profile selected, we will give you a compatibility score and a report detailing things you have in common and your compatibility based on 71 criteria which are important in a lasting relationship.

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Have you seen a profile you like? Have you been sent a message?

It's up to you to choose, from the singles we have selected for you, who you are interested in and want to get in contact with.
We can help you through the process, by offering plenty of help and tips on our dating advice page.
Our team is here to answer your questions and advise on how to use the site and dating in general.

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